Professional Development

When used in education, yoga is a system that teaches self awareness, self care and self management by tuning into the body, the breath and the mind.

The purpose of Yoga Tools For Schools Professional Development Training Programs is to:

Understand that yoga is a mind-body system about honouring and supporting oneself in order to be the best one can be

Empower educators to use Yoga Tools along with students to model the importance of self care and experience the benefits of yoga breaks

Inspire educators to use Yoga Tools to support and improve productivity during lesson time rather than use yoga as a supplemental activity

Introduce educators to Yoga Tools with the intention to nourish, balance and support teaching and learning.

Other Programs

In order to better support the needs of educators and educational institutions, Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is learning how educators are currently implementing self-awareness and self-management strategies.

Subsequently, in addition to our Professional Development Trainings, Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. will develop further programs such as Workshops and In-Service Programs to suit the needs of schools and other educational institutions.

These programs will provide support to educational institutions, forming part of their Wellbeing Framework.

YTFS and the Australian Curriculum

YTFS is aligning programs with the Personal and Social Capability component of the Australian National Curriculum and how important this is as a foundation for learning.

The personal and social capability component of the National Curriculum is organised into four interrelated elements:



Social awareness

Social management

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. Professional Development and other training programs (future) offer theory and practice in supporting educators and students with self awareness and self management strategies.

Our trainings are two fold ... supporting educators personally and also how this supports the learning experience for students.

YTFS connects directly with the curriculum's valuable statement…

" Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork, feel positive about themselves and the world around them. The development of personal and social capability is a foundation for learning and citizenship."

~ excerpt from ACARA - Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting AuthorityWe would love your feedback if you wish to share! Contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank-you in advance as any input is invaluable.


"I loved all the sequences and the BODY-BREATH-MIND connection info. I feel condifent to implement some quick effective yoga breaks. Can't wait to start Monday!"

Rachel Bentley
Belgian Gardens State School

Professional Development

YTFS offers half-day / single module trainings at a host school, from 12 noon to 5pm.

In school and full day trainings are available by request for whole staff development.

Current Cost: $120 for half day training Modules
*includes resource booklet (and Yoga Break Slides for Modules 2, 3 & 4)

Training Packages are available. Register for multiple trainings and save.

Training Packages:

Two Training Package: $210

Three Training Package: $285

Register for three or more trainings and pay only $95 per training.

To qualify for these packages, you must register for all of your selected trainings on the one day.

Discounts apply for members, sponsors, host schools and group bookings of 10+ staff from the same work place.

PD Training Modules

Module 1: Foundation

Yoga Tools For Educators

This is our pre-requisite Professional Development Module and is aimed specifically at educator's self awareness, self care and self management, regardless of the age of the students they teach. It will be packed with info to get you started with your Yoga Tools journey.

Module 2: Lower Primary

Yoga Tools For Teachers of ages 4-7yrs

This Module provides you with Yoga Tools especially developed for the nurturing of younger children in a fun but engaging way.

Module 3: Upper Primary

Yoga Tools For Teachers of ages 8-12yrs

This Module focuses on the needs of children in the 8 to 12 year age group. The training provides you with Yoga Tools that promote focus and energy stabilisation and empower children to enhance their own physical and mental awareness.

Module 4: High School

Yoga Tools For Teachers of ages 12+ yrs

This Module focuses on the needs of students from 12 years to young adult and provides you with Yoga Tools that cultivate awareness, focus and ease. Yoga Tools allow teens to experience a sense of space around their concerns and provide techniques for redirecting thoughts, calming the nervous system and supporting the transitions of a busy schedule.

Module 5: HPE

Yoga Tools HPE Teachers

To register for an upcoming training, go to Upcoming Events or click/tap on

to fill out our online Registration Form and select a suitable date from the list provided. Payment is required to secure your place. You will directed to make your payment once you have registered.


"Excellent day. Full of fabulous ideas to bring into my class on a daily basis!"

Allison Honeychurch
Belgian Gardens State School

2015 YTFS
Support Schools Program

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently developing further programs to support the needs of schools and other educational institutions, forming part of their Wellbeing Framework.

Do you have a Wellbeing Framework in place?

We will soon be seeking interested schools for our Support Schools Program, which is scheduled to commence in Term 3, 2015.

Our YTFS Support Schools Program involves 20 minute in school yoga sessions, offered before school, after school or during lunchtime. These sessions will be led by Yoga Tools For Schools Inc affiliated, fully qualified Yoga Instructors.

A selection requirement for this program will be that 80% of the school staff will need to have completed the YTFS Module 1 Foundation Training.

To learn more about this offering and to register your school's interest, please contact us at


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