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Feel Great Tools for Learning

We live in a culture where our lives - and our children's lives - are becoming more fragmented and stressful and this is why yoga is very quickly becoming a part of more school routines every day around the world.

Few exercise modalities offer such scope for health improvement as yoga. Yoga exquisitely blends techniques, which promote muscle tone, flexibility, proper breathing, mental clarity, stress relief and peace.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. (YTFS) is an Australian Not-For-Profit organisation founded by a group of yoga teachers, schools teachers and parents in November 2011.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. offers health and wellness yoga-based programs which allow educators and students to experience the importance of self awareness, and the benefits of self care.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for enhancing their own physical and mental well-being.

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